50 Asset Review

Capitec has developed a new compliance tool which has proven successful in both identifying areas of systemic weakness but also confirming compliance.

The ’50 Asset Review’ works on the basis of sampling 50 specifically selected assets across an operation site and comparing the compliance records for these assets against known statutory, mandatory and industry best practice requirements. This bottom up approach tests the complete FM management system from the identification label on an asset right through to the overarching maintenance policy for the site.

In the case of NHS estates this gives the required clarity in relation to performance against the foundation requirements of HTM 00. For non NHS sites the basic principles of ISO 50000 can be assessed.

We have successfully applied this across both PFI and none PFI and provide both the NHS and service providers with quality assurance and contract compliance assessment. As PFIs approach the early life cycle thresholds i.e. 10 to 15 since concession agreement start date, this approach and our other DDCR tools allows SPVs look ahead and plan and risk manage the anticipated capital expenditure associated with life cycle replacement.