Capitec - What we do

Healthcare environments are complex. Staff and patients need facilities that are comfortable, safe and clean with a well thought out design, promoting efficient day-to-day operation using the most advanced equipment.

The Capitec perspective is unique. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs and priorities of all the stakeholders in healthcare projects - patients, Trusts and private and public funders, hospital managers and clinical staff, those involved in SPV’s, contractors, medical planners and designers.

The practical and relevant experience and capabilities of our team means we balance the technical, operational and financial dimensions of every commission to achieve better patient outcomes whilst achieving best value solutions.

Together with our broad experience within the traditional NHS environment, we have built up extensive experience working on numerous public sector, PFI, NHS Lift and public private partnership (PPP) projects within the healthcare sector as well as projects in the private sector.

The complexity of privately financed projects means that assistance may be needed at each stage, starting with preparing a business case through to construction and commissioning and onto managing the facility. Technical and managerial advice is essential throughout this process.Clients often benefit from our management skills in complex areas such as:

  • project team leadership,

  • risk management,

  • facilities management and operational services,

  • performance management and monitoring (PMS),

  • life cycle costs and maintenance funds,

  • benchmarking and tenders,

  • capital costing and project management,

  • income generation assessment,

  • business as usual:

    • Keeping you estate 'safe and secure',

    • Due diligence compliance,

    • Condition surveys,

    • Audits,

    • Interim professional operational estate support

  • planning the future:

    • Strategic estate advisory and support,

    • Estate strategies,

    • strategic implementation support,

    • Implementation initiatives,

    • Partnering/funding,

    • Interim support

  • innovation/accelerating change:

    • Introducing ideas for complimentary and appropriate initiatives to help you deliver your strategies faster,

    • Leveraging maximum value from your assets

    • Commercial/estate efficiency reviews