Commercial Property Review


Capitec have been appointed to support a leading SW based College, with the future planning for their campus and business development opportunities, in a highly competitive market.

The skills of our property team have been used to understand the business needs and objectives of a sector / organisation, to align this with the demographic and geographic need and trends and identify the market and asset optimising opportunities which can support delivery of any change programme identified, have been recognised by the College as suiting their current requirement.

Our unique approach will meld commercial, technical and strategic property resources to support the college develop a change strategy fit for the future. They need to ensure their assets appropriately meet the expectation of the local and wider community and their students, to provide a vibrant, attractive and successful environment which enables them to compete / lead in their field and sustain a viable organisation which is able to deliver successfully going forwards.

This commercial review will support the formulation of a strategy to improve and enhance the services provided on this site. It will consider opportunities to partner with local or wider businesses or other agencies for joint community / student benefit, identify any potential to work with other sectors and how that might be integrated, highlight the optimisation and value opportunities from the estate assets, aiming, where possible, to also align these opportunities to accommodate and promote environmental responsibilities – such as a reduction in carbon omissions.

Our team also assess any potential to improve operational efficiencies – by the introduction of physical, organisational or technological change to support an improvement in processes.

Capitec have cross-sector expertise, experience and private sector connections to help organisations free up valoue from their estates assets and introduce organisational change to effect efficiencies. We are able to identify funding solutions to accelerate the change to enable it to be capitalised in a timelier manner.