Condition Assessments to Estates Strategy


Understanding the current asset – beyond a multi facet survey (Where are we now?)

At Capitec we can provide traditional multi facet surveys to enable you to review your existing estate, assessing it to national standards such as  NHS Estatecode or RICS condition ratings or other sector-specific terms of reference; to help you understand the wider opportunities, challenges and organisational risks present within your existing built estate. Our surveyor teams have extensive sector specific knowledge and experience and are able to efficiently assess properties and provide realistic condition assessments. The added value we provide when carrying out condition appraisals is that we will also appraise the opportunities the estate, in our opinion, may be able to offer, presenting the opportunities not just the liabilities and costs identified.

Forming the future strategic direction/Estates strategy (Where do we want to be?)

The information and data provided as a result of the condition surveys can be assessed with the future estate requirement which is determined by interpretation of the organisational service / business strategies (clinical, research, education etc.). This informs the estate strategic direction for the next 5 – 10 years.

Delivery (how do we get there?)

The delivery of a strategy can be accelerated by ensuring that maximum value is leveraged from the assets – the land and buildings that form the estate. Service providing organisations and large footfall often go hand in hand – firstly, a sustained / growing footfall can be encouraged by ensuring that the first impressions gained upon entry portrays a lasting image of the organisation aligned to the quality of service provided within and secondly, the more extensive the footfall, the greater the opportunity to host quality, income generating facilities which in turn also provide the lasting first impressions. In turn, the income from non-core opportunities enable investment in facilities for the core service elements which continue to sustain the image of prestige and quality. 

We can  support these processes with specialists from the fields of finance, risk and engineering as well as accommodation layout planning and town planning; to deliver a timely, robust and affordable strategy aligned to the ambitions of the ‘business'. We can support processes such as:

  • Estate transformation: – retaining functionally suitable assets whilst enabling evidence based divestment and disposal of obsolete / unsuitable estate that cannot be suitably regenerated.
  • Refurbishment: – by optimising the estate, monies can be freed up to enable investment in backlog maintenance along with refurbishment and adaptions to more strategically important / older assets.
  • Optimisation: – Poor utilisation wastes resources.  Estates assets are used more efficiently freeing up development opportunity space and even investment capital
  • Quality Environments: Creating the right environment to meet the expectation of your visitors and that deserved by your staff. Compliance: Meeting the expectation of audits and national targets – CQC, PLACE, OFSTED and other KPIs.
  • Cost and Quality Improvement Plans: with focus on the above elements, a more positive approach can be taken to the achievement of income target and other improvement plans. The negativity normally associated with this is reduced by the optimism of the process to achieve the required outcome. 

Positive outcomes: A positive outcome is so often achievable once a balanced strategy is determined. Believing in and beginning to deliver a strategy which provides improved facilities for visitors, stakeholders and staff will signal an organisation that cares and wants to invest in its facilities and its people. Creating an attractive and impressionable environment will present an organisational image to which people want to belong and that in itself will generate growth and a sustainable organisation. A dynamic, appropriate and affordable estates strategy is a key blue print for organisational sustainability and success and it is also mandatory for non FT Trusts.

We can support you with a deliverable estates strategy that can direct affordable solutions for improved environments and facilities for your visitors / patients / staff / students - whilst improving the condition and efficiency of your organisation.