Due Diligence Compliance Review (DDCR)


Capitec are a provider of technical Due Diligence services for a number of PFI consortia.

Whilst PFI has much negative press, the reality is often more complex - this form of procurement has bought billions of pounds worth of much needed investment into our public estate. Whilst the PFI approach can often leave legacy issues with affordability our ability to maximise performance and value on PFIs (either for NHS Trusts or for Project Cos) raises the bar on the levels of value and services these contracts provide from a Hard FM services perspective. Our core service for this is the Capitec Due Diligence Compliance Review (DDCR).

Despite considerable effort to create effective and affordable design, construction and operational proposals, some PFI schemes have experienced significant difficulties after going live. The corrective cost for project companies can run into millions of pounds, and the cost to new hospitals has involved disruption of patient care and negative media coverage for public/private ventures.

Capitec seek to enhance the reputation of both sides of any PFI/PPP consortium by helping the parties get the services delivered correctly as well as advising on how to remedy building defect matters and any ‘commercial settlements’ that these aspects may need to close them out fully.

Capitec provide all sides of the PFI with a wide range of benefits:

  • Improved understanding of the extent and nature of risk involved in their PFI portfolio and offering sensible pragmatic solutions to resolve them
  • Working with a team that has intimate understanding of services to be provided and the statutory and mandatory standards that need to be discharged under the PFI project agreement
  • Providing design feedback in key areas to insure they are fit for purpose
  • Monitoring and validating progress using whole life key performance indicators
  • Delivering value for money, and a robust link between Trust and Project Company
  • Gaining clarity about which party should address risk issues

We are able to inform PFI management teams on the operational effectiveness of these complex estates.

In order to undertake these works we employ a range of technically qualified staff from Chartered building services Engineers (CEng) to operationally experienced facilities managers/soft services managers (MBIFM).

We can also offer detailed PPM and CAFM services where we reflect the true nature of the O&M requirements into the PPM and CAFM systems to provide a truly asset based maintenance solution.