Environmental Management Policy

Capitec Limited is a PFI consultancy business with a specialist understanding of the healthcare system. We are industry experts in the PFI/PPP arena, our mission is to sell consultancy services to support organisations in their PFI/PPP project and our vision is to use our skills and capacity to become the first-choice provider of PFI/PPP consultancy services to the NHS and other Public Bodies.

Our mission and vision are driven by our core values of Capitec Limited:

  • ambition;
  • compassion;
  • enterprise.

These values reflect our heritage in the NHS family so that everything we do aims to create benefits for patients. We bring compassion and enterprise together to create innovative solutions for healthcare and other PFI sectors. Our ambition is for a successful business that continues to focus on the changing needs of the healthcare and PFI world.

Our approach to providing a high quality and innovative performance for Clients is strengthened by:

  • comply with all relevant legislation;
  • establishing business and quality objectives at the Company Board meetings which are reviewed on a regular basis;
  • defining personal objectives which reflect the overall business and quality objectives;
  • meeting individuals, business and Quality objectives as defined in the Capitec Limited Business Plan;
  • reviewing company performance in relation the business and quality objectives at the Management Review Meetings;
  • reviewing individual performance in relation to personal objectives at regular performance reviews.

We encourage all staff to realise their full potential by:

  • providing office environments which encourage effective and efficient working;
  • agreeing and implementing ongoing personal development programmes and objectives;
  • involving staff in the development of our strategic aims and objectives;
  • providing effective communications channels;
  • championing environmental responsibility and consideration both within our business and products.

In providing this service, Capitec Limited consumes resources and produces waste material, which will in turn have an effect on the environment, and ultimately may impact on the health of our staff and the people to whom Capitec Limited provides a service to. 

The Company Board therefore acknowledges that they have a responsibility to consider the environmental implications of its corporate business strategy and to support policies and practices that will provide a responsible approach to the environmental management of the business.

As a measure of its commitment to the environment, Capitec Limited will:

  • commit to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and other business requirements such as Codes of Practice and Customer Specifications;
  • maintain effective environmental management, adopting best practice where possible, and striving to continually improve Capitec Limited environmental performance;
  • educate, train and motivate employees to understand and undertake their role in preventing, controlling and reducing the Capitec Limited environmental impact;
  • reduce the amount of natural resources used, consistent with good practice, by conserving energy, paper, water, and other materials, and by re-using and re-cycling waste material wherever it is appropriate to do so;
  • encourage our Clients to undertake an environmental impact assessment of new developments, and to adopt a life cycle approach by seeking to balance capital costs and long term running costs;
  • commit to prevent pollution where ever possible;
  • for new processes, consider environmental and safety implications before implementation;
  • ensure that where possible suppliers of goods and services to Capitec Limited, demonstrate an acceptable standard of environmental performance;
  • consider environmental costs in resourcing, purchasing, transport and distribution decisions;
  • promote awareness of environmental issues both within and outside the Company.

This Environmental and Quality Management Policy Statement and associated business, quality and personal objectives will be made available to all Capitec Limited employees and Clients and reviewed on a regular basis at the Capitec Management Review Meetings and subject to formal approval by the Company board on a three-yearly basis.