Hard FM Informed Client Support


For Barts Health (the largest NHS Trust in the country with a built estate over 500,000m2), Capitec have provided a number of supporting consultancy roles as part of our 'Informed Client' support role for a number of years.

These services included but were not limited to:

  • Backlog maintenance Programme Management role for the £5-10m per annum Backlog Maintenance catch up programme with schemes delivered on time and to budget
  • Business case development (from £100k fire alarm upgrade to a £5m modular theatre development)
  • Decommissioning management – safely decommission no longer needed estates assets before disposal
  • Technical advice, helping with estates challenges from leadership with ongoing water safety issues to PFI technical contract management
  • Compliance advice e.g. ongoing statutory and mandatory advice and due diligence services
  • Estates risk management advice
  • Estates benchmarking
  • Coordination of supply chains to deliver projects inc. QS, Architects, M&E designers
  • Supported/lead Barts put in place Procure 21 supply chain to build facilities outside of their PFI
  • We reviewed a proposed £5m zero cost to the Trust Energy Performance Contracting investment programme (the programme is currently on hold pending Board final approvals)

Our role also included strategic property advice with regards the merger of the Mile End Community Hospital estate; where we helped secure a £1m+ capital injection from the transferring party (the old PCT) in light of compliance issued raised by the pre-merger diligence review we undertook and subsequent negotiations.

Why it worked so well?

We worked as part of the Barts team and not as an outsider to the team we based ourselves on their site and supported their strategic objectives as well as more day-to-day operational pressures. Teams need to be integrated to deliver results in healthcare as with other public sectors, results cannot be achieved unless all stakeholders are part of the process including consultant bodies and other wider clinical staff teams.

Why is our PFI experience helpful?

Whilst PFI has a lot of bad press many public estates are provided or at least in part provided through PFI schemes. Capitec has one of the most eperienced and practiced PFI management resources in the UK. We are now market leaders in providing technical due diligience service for large PFI hospital estates and now we are expanding through demand to wider public PFI estates from further education to central government.