Estates and Facilities Dashboard

The Benefits of an Estates and Facilities Dashboard

In order for Trusts to maintain high quality services and provide the highest level of patient care, they must have the facilities and services that support their healthcare business. This is achieved via a range of supply chains and services that provide essential support of the Trusts business including but not limited to:

  • Hard FM maintenance
  • Soft FM services (e.g. Portering)
  • Auditing of cleanliness
  • Providing patient and non-patient catering
  • Statutory compliance with mandatory and statutory needs such as legionella management
  • Compliance with NHS Estates mandatory codes such as Estatecode, Hospital Technical Memoranda and Choice Framework for Local Policy and Procedures
  • PLACE audits
  • Energy monitoring and carbon management
  • Catering and retail management
  • Car park services management
  • PFI contract management
  • Estates management (e.g. Property etc.)
  • Medical Physics
  • Capital Schemes

Trust departments have to provide a range of reports to a number of forums as well as providing returns to a number of statutory bodies as required.

Capitec can distill a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for these services and produce a high level dashboard report. The dashboard can summarize the available data and be presented to various bodies as required (e.g. the Trust Board). This is useful for both highlighting issues and providing monthly performance updates.

Capitec’s dashboards have the following advantages:

  • Hard FM KPI’s/Soft FM KPI’s/Non PFI Estates – We can produce a visual dashboard that tracks all FM KPI’s including carbon, helpdesk calls, PFI Project progress, audit scores, energy profiles etc.
  • Simple Administration – Simple to use and administer via MS Excel – so no need for expensive licenses.
  • Auditing of cleanliness
  • Smart Data – The Capitec approach allows you to risk manage and ‘RAG’ rate current trends and progress.