Estate Opportunity and Commercial Reviews

"After staffing, your estate is the large single cost your organisation has"

It is most probable that this valuable asset will have unlocked equity which can support service delivery improvements and / or deliver an income or capital receipts.

  • What are the estate barriers which prevent your service delivery improvements?
  • What are the yet un-tapped opportunities of your estate?
  • What building developments would support, enhance or unblock service delivery?
  • What assets do you need now and over the next 5-10 years and how can you achieve their timely delivery without the usual financial pressures or barriers?

 Benefits to the Capitec Approach…  

  • Real world commercial opportunities
  • A team who will be consistent and can deliver schemes post review
  • We have the knowledge and understanding as to what works in the industry and importantly what does not
  • We make the complex simple, unlocking blockers and logjams that stop value being released
  • We can work with and consult your partners so objections are resolved at the start of schemes and not during
  • An easy to follow report with opportunities and options to take forward as you see fit 
  • Outlines of proposed capital receipts or revenue streams associated with the evidence based reviews
  • We have the team to aid you with the inception, delivery and aftercare of your developments
  • We think outside the box, we challenge the status quo to enable your developments to progress